Vintage Token Badge Holder

These tokens were first issued in 1960 and marked the dawn of the era of publicly owned and operated transit agencies in Los Angeles. Although the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority was replaced just a few years after its inception by the Southern California Rapid Transit District, these tokens (valued at 25 cents each) remained valid fare for years. The distinct MTA “mushroom” logo on the tokens matched those on the sides of the buses of the era.

We held onto these tokens for decades and through Metro’s Small Business Enterprise Program, we finally partnered with a minority- and woman-owned local business to repurpose these would-be obsolete objects into items that can be used every day.

This badge holder clips onto your shirt of pants pocket to ensure that your badge or transit pass is easily accessible when you need it. Isn't there something satisfying about a relic of the past sitting side by side with its modern-day replacement?

All of the tokens used in these products were previously in circulation and were carefully cleaned and polished prior to being set into their backings. Some may feature minor discoloration and scuffs. This is part of the character of these upcycled objects!

  • Metal holder with clip back and plastic snap strap
  • Note: product does not include plastic sleeve
  • Approx. 1.25" x 3.25" x .5"
  • Original token set on new metal backing